CSGO Prime accounts are opened accounts holding high ranks, which furnish the key to access any level of the ranking system you prefer to game on. The account ranges from silver-ranked CSGO accounts to global elite ranked CSGO accounts. You have to log in to these accounts and partake in the game's beauty.CSGO Prime accounts are opened accounts holding high ranks, which furnish the key to access any level of the ranking system you prefer to game on. The account ranges from silver-ranked CSGO accounts to global elite ranked CSGO accounts. You have to log in to these accounts and partake in the game's beauty.The ranking system in the game ranges from diverse levels, like from newbie to professional levels; you can obtain it all. Buy CSGO ranked accounts to troll your friends with incredible gaming skills with the silver-gold nova ranked account or play some extraordinarily competitive and strategy-making alignments. Purchase legendary eagle master – global elite rank account. The CSGO prime accounts are provided as per your need and requirements. Buy CSGO prime accounts because the range of these accounts goes through all 18 ranks, and they are inexpensive as well. CSGO prime accounts have prime status upgraded or are private accounts with rank up to 21 or served with any rank as per your selections. Smurf accounts are used mainly by the players who want to play in a secondary account other than their primary account, and you have to purchase a CSGO prime account and log in.The coverage provided by these accounts is from "random prime accounts to explicit ranked prime accounts." The choices are unlimited and safe from all privacy concerns. Legit CSGO players boost the CSGO accounts, and no other ways are used to sweeten the account. CSGO premium accounts are prime-ranked accounts. These accounts possess special medals and are highly trusted.Premium accounts of CSGO stand out the best in matchmaking; they catch eyes fast compared to other accounts. These CSGO accounts have outstanding service medals boosted by playing for years with excessive operation coins (a complete operation that CSGO conducts ).

Service medals

CSGO provides service medals to those accounts active since 2015 and committed to reaching private rank 40. There are six levels of a medal currently, which means there are six levels of obtaining this medal. A player can redeem and glorify their medal six times in a year.

Operation coins

CSGO has held nine operations; the most delinquent one is shattered web. These operation coins are furnished to players who participate in these conducted operations through straightforward operation passes; there are 3 to 4 levels to get a coin that can upgrade after achieving various milestones. These accounts are reasonably priced for more promising gaming experiences.

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Why buy CSGO Prime Accounts from Us?

Counter strike global offensive has become a prevalent multiplayer online shooting game. The game is comprehended to be the best esports ever.The player will be termed smurf only when they perform well in the game. Getting up to the level of a smurf account is challenging and time-consuming; regardless, you can buy these smurf accounts in the most affordable way possible. Elites can buy these CSGO accounts for more good gaming experiences. Purchasing an account can aid you in playing your preferred level of skills. Creating a second account is not forbidden, and it is done to beat new gamers fast. There are numerous reasons for buying CSGO prime accounts from Myownrank.
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These accounts are created to facilitate more players into the game. Global elites or highly ranked players are conscious of various tactics to handle any game. New or inexperienced players need not have to stress anymore about winning. These accounts will allow them to expand their skills or ranks to higher levels.These accounts are affordable and safe to get the best experience of this fantastic game. You can choose any prime CSGO account as per your preference and improve your gaming skills. Happy gaming!

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  • Safe and legit – First things first, you get 100% safety and security assured from our end. Hence, you get to enjoy having your ownership of the account. 
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What are CSGO Prime Accounts?

CSGO Prime Accounts allows all the prime members to participate in the matchmaking system. This tool is interesting because it lets players relish a face-off with other dedicated prime members playing on this platform.Prime is a forte owned by gamers who purchased CS: GO (before it became free-to-play) or are level 21 or overhead. Those with Prime are also fortunate enough to experience elite honours.In a nutshell, CSGO Prime Accounts are the accounts that enable you to play in the prime matchmaking pool while being a ranked player. If connected to your phone number, an account is called a prime, and steam has authorised your profile through a one-time password. 

How to get cheap CSGO Prime Accounts?

If you bought and had a Counter-Strike before playing for free in December, 2019, you will automatically run Prime on your account. Nevertheless, if you no longer possess the phone number associated with your account, your Prime Status be deleted.Nonetheless, this number can be efficiently linked and triggered by Prime, but just after 6 months. Your Prime status will be linked to your mobile number rather than the account you are utilizing, which means you can switch to a new account if required. You could buy your CSGO Prime Account on Steam if you didn't purchase Counter-Strike. Accounts are fresh to the game or solely want to level up another account, Or until you have played sufficiently to reach the 21st level i.e., the Lieutenant in random online matches. Acquiring a Prime account will ask for a legitimate phone number that should be assigned to your Steam account. 

The advantages of a CSGO Prime Account

 Players with the CSGO Prime Account Membership are matched in Counter-Strike and Danger Zone online games.Prime members are qualified for select prime tokens, item drops, and weapon skins and access all public servers. The infamous skin of MP5 "Lab Rats" was the first striking feature counted to the game, but more has been added to it since then. The real advantage of purchasing a CSGO Prime Account is that you will be able to avoid hackers. Wallhack and Aimbot are common uses on the Counter-Strike, primarily in the lower statuses. Prime status serves as a restraint to hackers who do not want to pay to buy a Prime Account as it will most likely be a blocked account. Preferably, they convene on non-Prime accounts and eradicate the comparative matchmaking experience of non-Prime users. Being a prime member does not suggest that you can avoid cheating entirely, but it should improve your games' grade. Prime is not an anti-cheat program and will never be, but it is better than nothing.Myownrank provides the highest quality prime accounts at the most reasonable prices. If you're looking to buy affordable CSGO accounts, this is your one-stop destination for CSGO Account shopping.  ConclusionIf you wish to increase your gaming experience quality, you should buy CSGO Prime Accounts, confirming that you do not get disturbed by fake players. Although occasionally hackers will ruin the matchmaking process for you, something is better than nothing. The gameplay experience will worsen in the non-prime account as more chances of wallhack and aimbot will be present.One of the best ways is to buy a CSGO prime account from Myownrank to make sure you get the market price and the best gaming experience you deserve.