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A service medal means that you are an old CSGO player who has put in countless hours by playing this game, showing their skills over time to reach rank 40 where you get awarded with a service medal. There are a total of six service medals to claim and to claim each one you have to reach rank 40 every time, silver medal being rank 1 and red medal being rank 6, the final service medal rank. Having a service medal adds value to your account but demands lots of patience and hard work however, there’s good news for you! We already have service medal accounts up for grabs at cheap rates. Visit our service medal section and buy a CSGO service medal account to select the account that best suits you. If you buy a service medal account you do not need to waste time to gain private rank 40. So without wasting time get your service medal accounts from our shop.

CSGO High Tier Prime Accounts: What are these for?

Counter strike global offensive or CSGO is an FPS game with multi-player capabilities. But, it can never be defined in some technical terms. The adventure of shooting your way to top ranks and hours of exhilarating gameplay is more than anything else. The game is filled with all kinds of players. With the new CSGO bringing in several modes of gameplay like demolition, arms race, casual and competitive, it has attracted many new players.

So, are you a newbie on CSGO?

Then you may be looking for a boost in your CSGO career.

Here, it is the biggest challenge for you to achieve a high-ranking position.

But what if you can buy CSGO high-tier accounts?

Such accounts are of players that have reached higher rankings on the gameboard. High-tier accounts are quite popular. There are several ranks like a global elite, master guardian, and legendary eagle. Each rank in high-tier CSGO accounts has its pool of players. There are a limited number of players and they have a specific skill set according to rank. Players need years of dedication to the game and hours of shooting exercise to reach such ranks.

CSGO High Tier Accounts: Why Do You Need It?

The thrill of shooting games is always high on adrenaline. The urge for dedicated gameplay to reaches higher is understandable. Most players that rank high have dedicated huge effort and time to reach there. A new player to CSGO gameplay can easily get past some of the initial stages. But, as the player moves up in rank, it starts getting harder. So, if you are not thinking of committing higher effort or time towards CSGO and want to have the privilege of playing with the elite then looking to shop CSGO mid tier accounts with higher ranks is not a bad idea! You get to play among the elite 10% of players in the CSGO universe.

Get CSGO High Tier Accounts And Lift Your Game!

Why play a rookie when you can compete with the elite players? Smurf accounts are often used by experienced players as a secondary account to gain high-tier rankings. It gives a second chance to players for gaining more shooting skills.

It provides players with matchmaking capabilities and other benefits. One downside of creating smurf accounts by yourself is elimination by CSGO creators on knowing the actual person behind it. So, rather than risking your main account, choose the best CSGO smurf accounts from our range with legit high-tier rankings!

What Are High Tier CSGO Accounts?

If you are a CSGO fan, then prime accounts are your prized trophies! There are two simple ways to get prime accounts. One is reaching level 21. Here, you will need hours of gameplay, dedication, and a huge effort to overcome many stages of CSGO. High-ranking prime accounts have many benefits. They have great battlefields, skins, and armory that can make the whole gaming experience more fun. So, if you are bored of seriousCounterStrike gaming, you can always choose a CSGO Silver Prime account to have a chance to chill around silver rank players. But, If you want some mature gamers around you then choose Gold Nova Prime Accounts. They have mature gamers to offer. So, ditch long hours of gaming and buy affordable CSGOhigh tier accounts from our range!

Benefits Of A CSGO High Tier Prime Account:

  • Prime Membership needs level 21 and these accounts offer the same.
  • Security of your account is essential and you get secure access to prime features.
  • With CSGO High Tier Accounts from us, you get 24/7 gaming-related support.
  • You can get the best out of your true potential as a gamer.
  • No need to wait for your account once the payment is done.
  • You can get CSGO High Tier Accounts at the most affordable prices.
  • Total gaming privacy with matchmaking options.

Why Choose MyOwnRank To Buy CSGO High Tier Accounts?

Now getting your dream CSGO high tier accounts is just a click away. But, if you are still wondering why you should choose for CSGO accounts, then the answer is simple. It is a one-stop solution to all your gaming account needs.

Often players keep hard at winning and reach private rank 2. It is a great feeling to reach PR2. But, there are challenges beyond imagination ahead. The first thing that comes to mind is keeping a close watch on your progress in the game. Here, is your ideal partner to keep tabs on the gaming progress. As you move forward, the levels get harder. So, if you are stuck at any level in the game, you get 24/7 chat support from experts at And the best thing about choosing us is getting video tutorials on cool tricks to ace CSGO. Whether you are looking for high-tier CSGO smurf accounts or CSGO silver accounts for chillout, we have got you covered. With our range of accounts, you can even go for loyalty badge CSGO high tier accounts. If you are still looking for an excuse over pricing issues then we provide the best of CSGOPrime accounts at the most affordable prices. Get amazing discounts on high-ranking accounts and shop CSGO accounts from a huge collection.

Still, Thinking about Why to buy it?

Well, honestly it’s your money and the decision is yours too. But, the real question in your mind is whether a Prime Membership is worth buying? The answer is very simple. Prime membership has always been quite a catch for players. Many players have played well to reach the magical number of 21 and gain membership. So, If you want to have the ultimate gaming experience by competing against the best then you know it is worth it. Don’t waste your time on finding fake tricks and declining smurf accounts. Rather than that shop for the most legit CSGO Accounts from us and take your game to the next level!