Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to us. We had mentioned the list of data collected by us as far as we know.We never share the data provided by you directly or indirectly to any agency/company. You will never get invoice / Email / Phone call /Physical Post from us or anyone working for us unless specified , demanded or mentioned by you or needed to run site. Please note that we never send invoice regarding any product without a request from our customer. Some of the data may be collected by our cms system for improvement and optimization purposes and will not target you in anyways.If you found this information threatening feel free to contact us on any service of your choice we will be happy to resolve issues you are facing. One must be aware of all data collected according to RTI Act 2002.

External Links:

 You will find various external links on different pages of the website which is targeted outside to like facebook, epic, steam, etc. all those links may have different privacy policies one must read all privacy policies before proceeding further.

Data Sharing: 

Data Shall be shared with the companies/organizations who provide us resources to run this website like payment gateway provider, hosting, cms, etc. We shall disclose data in case of legal matters and taxation process.

Restriction to access the site:

You shall be temporarily or permanently restricted to access the site.


  • Website may be down for maintenance.
  • There may be some technical issues.


  • In the following cases.
  • Suspicious activities
  • Scam attempt
  • Excess request
  • Other threat(s) to site

you may be banned permanently to access this website without any prior notice please contact the admin in case of a false ban. 

Data  Collected:

  • Name / Age /Gender / Email /Postal Address (Direct)
  • Phone (Direct)
  • Paypal transaction-id 
  • Ip address
  • Recent searches on our website
  • Browser /Operating System /Plugins
  • Search Engine or reference site
  • Cookies (Read Cookie Policy)
  • Record of all orders and services opt



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