My Smurf Store Disclaimer

My Smurf Store is a market place which match buyers to the sellers and moderate whole transaction.
The transfership of steam accounts or any digital product works under European Gaming Law which states that the
 Software authors – or in the gaming world, publishers – can not stop customers from reselling their games, even if the publisher attaches an End User License Agreement prohibiting resale.

It is perfectly Legal For European Buyers to purchase these products from the  us or any relative store and use them. However also known as My Smurf Store Holds no liability for any misfortune or withdrawn of service from steam end. For Non-European Countries it may not be legal to buy these products however, if you had purchased it, Its your own responsibility to use them. Ownership of steam accounts cannot be transfered but in this case we providing access to use the product as your own without actually changing the ownership. 

It is a point to be noted that steam may withdraw or restrict your product if you are from noneuropean country without any prior notice and in that case is not liable to refund even a partial payment from the purchase made.

In the endits buyer responsibilty to handle account and bear all the damage that may occur after receiving the product.

****My smurf hold rights to change terms and condition anytime in near future without any prior notice****