Trust Factor in CSGO:

Counter-Strike Global Offensive introduced this method with the CSGO Update on 21st June 2020 to know about a player before matchmaking, Competitive (5v5) or Wingman (2v2) which will impact your matchmaking experience.

The trust factor is classified into 3 factors:

  1.       Red Trust Factor
  2.       Yellow Trust Factor
  3.       Green Trust Factor
  • Red Trust Factor: If you get this message with red color shade in your lobby chatbox stating – “Your matchmaking experience will be significantly affected because of the Trust Factor of XXX is substantially lower than yours. CS: GO’s matchmaking will prioritize finding opponents with a similar substantially lower Trust Factor” This means that player XXX in your lobby has significantly lower Trust Factor than yours which will hence lead to queuing matchmaking similar to player XXX. You will have to face opponents with similar Trust Factor as yours or with whom you have queued. You will have High Chance of getting cheaters in Opponents if you queue with Red Trust Factor as almost all of the cheaters have Red Trust Factor due to a mass number of reports.
  • Yellow Trust Factor: If you get this message with yellow color shade in your lobby chatbox stating – “Your matchmaking experience may be slightly impacted because the Trust Factor of XXX is lower than yours” This means that player XXX in your lobby has a slightly lower Trust Factor than yours. You will be queued to matchmaking with similar players whose Trust Factor is slightly lower than yours. You will have a slight chance of getting cheaters if you queue with yellow Trust Factors.
  • Green Trust Factor: When you start queuing and you don’t get any message regarding Trust Factor, it means that you and all the players in the lobby have Green Trust Factor which also means that you will be queued with similar Green Trust Factor players. It can also mean that all players in the lobby have same Trust Factor. You will face good and clean opponents with Green Trust Factor as all the players will be having very few reports or no reports.

How to improve your Trust Factor?

There are several ways to improve your Trust Factor:

  1.       Add a phone number to your Steam account.
  2.       Get Commendation from your friends.
  3.       Get 150 Competitive wins which will enable Overwatch. Doing overwatch sessions and helping community will help you improve Trust Factor.
  4.       Boost your Private Rank. It resets at 40 which will get you a service medal.
  5.       Always be positive and non-toxic, try not to get reports from teammates as well as opponents. Reports are the major spoiler of your Trust Factor.

As per Steam Community,

If you suspect that you have a low Trust Factor because the quality of your matches are not good, you can email at with the subject “Trust Factor Feedback” including message regarding your experience and your steam ID.