How to Rank Up in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

There are several requirements that are needed in order to rank up in CSGO, some of them are:

• PC with minimum required specifications

• Good & Stable Internet

• Excellent Aim

• Great Team


  1.       PC: You must have a PC with the minimum required specification for CSGO, which means that you must be able to get enough Frames Per Second (FPS) in all the maps. It is always recommended to use a good monitor, specially 144hz or 240hz variant as it helps a lot with the visuals and game runs buttery smooth. Also, good Peripherals like, Mechanical Keyboard, Gaming Mouse, and a Gaming Headset is always recommended.


  1.       Good & Stable Internet: You must have a good internet connection that provides minimum 1MBPS speed and good/decent Ping (Latency) to your nearest official Valve servers or any other servers you would like to play in. It is better to know about the Internet Service Provider (ISP) first and then get the connection done.


  1.       Excellent Aim: It is very important to have a good Aim, and to have a good aim you need to get a crosshair that is best suitable for you along with suitable sensitivity. Having a good aim is all about controlling recoils of every weapon especially AK-47, M4A4/M4A1-S, SG-553, and few SMGs. And lastly, lots of practice will help you improve your aim, we all know ‘Practice makes man perfect’. So, keep grinding!


  1.       Great Team: When you are all set with the above 3 points, start looking for a team or you can make one. Make sure you set yourself roles like AWPer, Entry Fragger, Support, In-Game Leader, and sometimes you need a lurker too. Having a team is all about backing each other up and co-ordinating. You need to learn and go through every map with its Tactics, Smokes, Molotov’s, Flashbangs, Retakes, Executions as a Team! Playing retakes/executions in community servers will help a lot. Make sure you watch Pro Matches because why not? You can watch and learn too.