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Hello There,

we at have an announcement to make. As you all know we are serving the best-in-class ranked account and after sale service in the industry since 2015.

We had started our journey in 2015 with a solo motto and our tagline Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority.

We had earned a trust of more than 20000+ customers from over 120 countries. With your trust and love, we had become the worlds leading smurf selling website. We are always thankful for you and your trust in us and do whatever it takes to withstand that faith you have in your mind when it comes to quality and assurance. We had passed many challenges from policy change to DDoS attack but your trust gave us the power to stand again.

After so many years of hard work,  We have no option but to change our name from my smurf due to the copyright claim from The Smurfs on the usage of word smurf in our domain and logo.

We also have to rename our facebook profile and twitter profile due to the same reason. But no need to worry, We are the same people who were serving you and whom you had trust on.

What about your existing data?

  • Your data will remain safe and the site will run as usual.
  • Same G2A pay will work to accept payment and give a review.
  • You can always verify our review on g2a and EpicNpc.
  • Same staff members will handle your query 24x7x365 on live chat.
  • All previous links will work but with new domain.

What change will be there then?

  • New ranked accounts and more games such as DOTA-2, League Of Legends, Overwatch and many more.
  • You can verify yourself for reseller pack and get bulk purchase at discounted prices.
  • The verified user can pay with PayPal.
  • G2A fees can be avoided if you wanna make your own gift card for shopping with us.
  • More giveaways and discounts on its way near Christmas.

We believe that we will be able to retain the trust we had created over the past 3 years. We would like to thank you guys for showing your love and trust which make us number 1 rank seller in the world
greetings (Which was

(SCHEDULED - 27-11-2017: 13:00:00 IST)