Do you know the number of benefits a CSGO Prime Account has?

What are the benefits of CSGO Prime Account? There are many benefits of CSGO Prime account and CSGO ranked account. Read to know more.

Wondering what is the use of having a CSGO Prime account? Well, it’s not called Prime for no reason. 

Since when CSGO has turned free for everyone, the demand for CSGO Ranked accounts or prime accounts has increased rapidly. The reason being the mass entry of noobs and cheaters in the game. 

Pro players use it to separate themselves from the crowd and not to drown in the pool of unskilled players. So, if you too are analysing the need for a CSGO Prime account, then don’t bother yourself. Let us help in clearing your doubts with the help of the benefits listed below.

Be a Pro player that you deserve to be:

Having a CSGO Prime account gets you head to head with the pro-category players, the category you belong to. How?  

  • Matchmaking with other pro players around the world.

  • Make your pro team with the players that have a prime account.

  • No more dealing with noobs, neither as your team member and nor as your competitors.

  • Compete with a skilled enemy. You get a chance to compete with other ranked account players.

  • A pro player should only focus on his game, not on hackers, neither on cheaters. That’s exactly what you get.

Save your time, efforts and energy:

There’s one and only straight way to get a CSGO Ranked account, and that’s to buy one. Or else you might get tired of hundreds of matches, hours, and efforts to reach the rank you aim to get.

  • Save the times and efforts of starting from scratch and to become a ranked player, simply be a ranked player.

  • Buying a prime account is cheaper and worth more than the time you invest while trying to earn one.

  • You can save efforts of climbing the ranking board match by match.

  • You don’t need to wait for years to play with the pro players holding a ranked account.

  • You can save time and effort on teaching your noob team members how to play, and win.

Enjoy crazy rewards and features:

There are rewards, and more rewards, and many more rewards for a player having a Prime CSGO account. And those rewards help you in experiencing CSGO in its best form.

  • You will be able to decide how your player and weapon looks.

  • You can loot the skins and other rewards from the drops.

  • You can buy and sell skins and weapons in the community.

  • Get access to the inventory and the treasures residing inside through a ranked account.

  • Configure the weapons as you prefer to win the game your way. 

One can surely enjoy the game without having a CSGO prime account. But the question is, how much? Would you enjoy CSGO if every other player you play with or compete with is a noob? Great! Now you have your answer and reasons to have a prime account in CSGO.