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Standard Edition FIFA Accounts for sale

Are you Looking to buy a new FIFA 21 account to start a new team or to later transfer the coins/players to another account? Then we have selected for you the best FIFA Mule Account suppliers on the market. Our marketplace has FIFA 21 Standard accounts and FIFA 21 Coins accounts. A Fifa Mule account is a new account preloaded with the amount of FIFA Coins you have selected. We recommend using MYOWNRANK when you want to purchase a FIFA Account.

FIFA 21 Steam accounts

FIFA 21 is now official. At EA Play 2021, developer EA Sports unveiled the next generation of its football video game (alongside the American football game Madden NFL 21), which promises that players will be able to “feel the next level” on the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X. Additionally, we also have the release date for FIFA 21 — October 9 — though you can start playing earlier, if you subscribe to EA / Origin Access or pick up one of the more premium FIFA 21 editions. Speaking of editions, EA Sports has also unveiled pricing for FIFA 21.

Buy FIFA 21 Standard

FIFA 21 “Standard Edition” comes in cheap on the Xbox One, PS4, PC. FIFA 21 is available on both Origin and Steam for PC. FIFA 21 Xbox and PS4 orders also get you a free copy on the Xbox Series X and PS5, respectively, as long as you buy FIFA 21 before the release of FIFA 22.

FIFA 21 new released accounts

The release date for FIFA 21 “Champions” and “Ultimate” Editions is three days early on October 6. You can start playing even earlier on October 1 by subscribing to EA Access on PS4 and Xbox One, or Origin Access on PC. You get to play for 10 hours. Origin Access Premier on PC gets you the full game on October 1.

Fifa 21 Account for sale:

FIFA 21 editions prior to their respective release dates get you a range of Ultimate Team and Career Mode bonuses. There's also a limited time Ultimate Team bonus on “Ultimate Edition”, available only until August 14.