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GTA V - Money boost

We all know how hard it is to grind for money in GTA v online and how when you are new you are being overpowered and nudged again and again by the richer and the veteran players of the game while we are grinding hard for our money. I joined the GTA community long back in 2015 and I was one of you guys and trust me we know the pain. The only way to overcome this unfairness in the game is through purchasing shark cards and we all know how overpriced and shitty they are. We are therefore offering recovery services doing money drop for people and players who are being overpowered by the brats in GTA v online. We provide them with a platform where they can enjoy the luxuries from owning the oppressor to owning the fully upgraded babushka, we do it all for you guys. We offer money ranging from our starter pack of 20 million $ in-game GTA cash to 100 million $. You can message for further queries

How does your money drop?

Hey, we use something as recovery custom jobs that have been created by our experts. We use them to add money to your accounts.

How much time does it take?

We believe in expeditious delivery. We usually deliver the accounts within 48 hours. But it depends a lot on the product too. Accounts above 60 million in-game GTA online cash takes a little more than that.

What do we need to have?

You must have a ps plus other than that you should also have a social club account linked to your psn. For expeditious delivery we expect you to have at least around 400k in-game GTA cash.

Is it safe?

It is completely safe we have done many accounts apart from that rockstar doesn't regulate jobs at all they have still not been able to regulate mod injections in pc let alone jobs.