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Why Buy A CSGO Account?

It’s an excellent enhancement to your game and prices hardly anything, You are planning a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive marathon on weekends or looking for the exclusive things with a CSGO Prime Account, You get full features ready in no time. With everything – from top-notch graphics to super-interesting setup, the game is all a gamer could ask for. But to experience more significant matchmaking within the game, and to take full benefit of all its features, you will need to get a CSGO Prime Account. But what precisely is a CSGO prime account all about? And what bonuses will it count to your game? Continue reading to find all that out and learn how to connect yourself to a CSGO Prime Account.

How to buy a CSGO Account?

 Anyone willing to get the best In-game experience with the desired rank group can  buy csgo accounts from MyOwnRank.com. If you’ve just started playing the game and haven’t glossed your skills yet, buying a prime csgo account is a good idea. Moreover, unless you’ve increased to ranks above 21, you won’t even be qualified for it. The main reason for our recommendation of buying a csgo prime account is that exclusive prime matchmaking will pair you up with highly experienced players and you might learn a lot. There’s another idea and piece of information to the CSGO Smurf Accounts that you should know. The CSGO was a paid game on Steam until NOV 2018. When the game went free to play, the makers determined to give some perks to the game buyers, and a prime account was one of them. You will automatically get your prime account badge if you bought CSGO from Steam before it went free. Just log in with the connected mobile number, and you can catch your badge. The main specialty is If you are fresher to the game and got the free-to-play version of CSGO from Steam, you will have to purchase a prime account, and to get one from MYOWNRANK is the quickest, most effective option.

Are CSGO Accounts affordable on MYOWNRANK?

Myownrank.com is a well-established CSGO seller since 2015, We had served over 130+ countries and 70k+ customers As of Jan 2022 You can get the best deals and reliability when you are shopping with an established website like Myownrank.com. It was first established with the name of MySmurf.com in 2015 and instantly delivered best-in-class 24×7 support service and Instant Delivery of your purchases. With our limited lifetime warranty, You can be sure that your experience will be excellent.

Why Buy a CSGO Prime Account?

You have comprehended everything about a  CSGO Prime Account  basics. But why just do you even require a Prime Account? Are the additional bonuses worth it? For one, it opens a whole world of opportunities for the players with new and exciting benefits at their disposal.

CSGO Quality Matchmaking.

As you start playing CSGO, obtaining a suitable match is always trouble. Irrespective of the tier, you will find some unskillful and highly experienced players in the same match, which often produces confusion and makes the game boring or problematic. But once you are above rank 21, you are capable enough to handle some expert competitors. Also, if you think you can take the big boys down, go for the prime account. The CSGO Prime accounts will correspond with the players keen to play the game and are good at it. Playing in the premium levels can rapidly help you get more satisfactory at the game and make you adept at winning against fierce competition. With Prime Matchmaking, You May say goodbye to Hackers.

A common issue that CSGO players face is that of hackers in their matchmaking. Such hackers use aim-bots, wallhacks, and other ways to disturb the gaming experience they might also target your account to steal your triumphs. But with Prime, this risk gets diminished. The group can ban cheating accounts. And since premium accounts are expended, the hackers will face a substantial loss if prohibited. So they usually remain away from CSGO prime accounts. This way, a CSGO Prime account gives you a better experience by holding you secure.

CSGO Prime Gaming & Accessing The Server.

The CSGO has multiple servers worldwide where you can play and enjoy. A noteworthy issue with these servers is that you don’t get an empty one most of the time. This can render the game lag or not start at all. For any CSGO player, bringing an accessible server is a big headache. With a prime account, you get rid of this issue immediately. You gain credentials to all the servers and can start the game on any server of your choice. You can go for the VAC server if you find them all full. The CSGO team created this one as a customized server. Only prime members can access this server, and the chances of it being full are tiniest.

CSGO Prime Smurf Account with skins.

Therefore, The In-game items are the main interest for any combat-intensive game like CSGO, and every player wants to access these to make the game better for them. With a prime account in CSGO, you open a box full of in-game items that can change how you play the game. This contains weapons, armors, souvenirs, and many other goods in this CSGO smurf Account With all this extra access to the in-game items, players can upskill their gameplay fast. These items help you impose more harm and defend yourself well in the game. You’ll also keep a competitive advantage over others competing for the same items within the game.

Get Your Desired CSGO Smurf Accounts.

In CSGO, you always want to set your weapons to the best scopes open. But, the game doesn’t permit you to do so. All your goals of destroying the enemies with deadly weapons are sent to the sidelines if you can’t configure your weapons and armor. But by utilizing a CSGO prime account, you have this extravagance under your sash. The prime account allows you to configure your weapons and armor nevertheless you want. This makes your weapons more powerful than ever, and you can conquer your opponents with maximum ease. Configuring your weapons might not seem like a great deal, but it can change the results of your matches by an extraordinary margin. You can try and test the extra gear that improves the power of your gun. Similarly, you’ll have access to the best defending armor too. Once you find the right mixture, winning in CSGO won’t be outlying. Reduce The Matchmaking grind

How to get a CSGO Prime Account?

We won’t let you work hard just for that Prime account. Just visit myownrank.com to get a CSGO Prime account within minutes without searing a hole in your purse. Here are some methods, Myownrank helps you get the best CSGO Prime accounts.

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  • Buying a CSGO Prime Account from Myownrank.com is also fully secure. We have a secure website and authorized payment methods available.
  • Our instant delivery is something you’ll remember forever. Instead of waiting for days or months, Myownrank provides CSGO Prime accounts within minutes.
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  • You can choose from a range of CSGO Prime Accounts on MyOwnRank. CSGO Accounts contain Gold Nova, Silver, Silver Elite, Medalled, Private ranked, and many other types. You’ll spend the cheapest price.
  • We also present CSGO Prime accounts with a CSGO loyalty badge.

When you have determined to have a CSGO Prime Accounts Status in the CSGO game, then there are three ways you can get your prime account in CS: GO accounts. One was to buy the Prime Status Game from the CS: GO game page, or you can get a prime account with a wide variety range starting from 17.99 USD. The Advantages of Owning a Prime Accounts You get to fit with only the prime account holders! You will not be targeted by any hacker or cheater player in the game. Acquiring a prime account and pushing your rank up from then on seems an excellent way to go.

Finally, Purchase your desired CSGO Prime Account from CSGO MYOWNRANK today and avail the advantages of the trusted Prime Matchmaking. Shop and Become a Prime CSGO Player, In the end, Now you understand what a CSGO Account is, what it fetches you, and where to get it for the best price. So what are you delaying? Browse MYOWNRANK today, watch all the prime & smurf accounts obtainable, and buy the one you like the most or maybe two. Buy Csgo Accounts Like Csgo Prime Accounts And Csgo Smurfs Accounts And Other Ranked Accounts At A Cheap Price From Myownrank. You Can Buy Prime Accounts And Smurf Accounts On Sale During The Festive Season. Myownrank Provides Instant Delivery And 24X7 Chat Support For Free Also We Provide 100% Guaranteed Working And Legit Accounts.

About CSGO Accounts

Are you looking for more about CSGO Accounts & Games? From the beginning of Counter-Strike Era beginning as a mod for Half-Life that later became the pioneer that was CS 1.3, this game has evolved into many more advanced iterations: Counter-Strike Condition Zero, Counter-Strike Source, and not the least would be Counter-Strike Global Offensive, more popularly known by its shorthand CS:GO. The game has not only stood the test of time, as the success of the original game’s latest successor has proven itself to be not only an enjoyable first-person shooter that casuals can easily pick up but also an exciting e-Sport that has created a thriving competitive scene of its own; proof of this is the skyrocketing of the numbers of FPS gamers who have a CSGO Prime Account. How is a decade-old franchise able to achieve this accomplishment? By having many of its authentic segments, as well as by adding new ones.

Which CSGO Ranked account Suits You?

  • Newbie CSGO Players: Buy Silver-4 and Silver Elite accounts, which are meant for newbies.
  • Intermediate CSGO Players: Buy Silver Elite account. Purchasing CSGO smurf accounts to training can be a fantastic concept.
  • Intermediate Players: Gold Nova Accounts is the method for intermediate CSGO players. These accounts are suitable for players who are additionally experienced than the Silver Elite account holders.
  • Advanced CSGO Players: CSGO Master Guardian Ranked Accounts are recommended for CSGO players who are incredibly professional and hold excellent expertise in the game.


Find a CSGO Account: Play the Game

  • As it has always been, the effort neither actually changes nor ends in the world of Counter-Strike, which is just as reflective of the current CT pressure in the globe today as it was a decade ago. There will always be the Terrorists, ready to use radical methods to advance their cause. There will still be the Counter-Terrorist squads (CTs), who, as defined by their team name, are committed to stopping the plot of their terrorist opponents. And the side that will emerge victoriously depends on fulfilling the assigned objectives, which depends on the game modes and maps.
  • In the original Counter-Strike technique, the conflict between two factions is still contained in maps. But this is no longer just was in CS 1.6; this is CS:GO, and the game has had new characteristics that have made it more gamers friendly. It is more replayable and suitable for a fresh new scene for gamers who want more variety. One of these label new acquisitions would be the privilege to choose among the five ways that dictate the purpose in a map: There are three types of most played game modes. Casual, Competitive, and Deathmatch, two of the most played and most well-known game modes of all, are round-based modes where the two teams must either fulfill the objective assigned to them or eliminate the opposition and are given 15 seconds to purchase weapons and utilities before the round begins. There are two scenarios for classic mode maps: Bomb and Hostage.
  • The Deathmatch is a ten-minute match wherein players from both groups kill as many enemies as possible. Players respawn; they die and are given a chance to go for either a random gun upon respawning or get for free their weapon of choice a few seconds after the respawn. The group with the participant who has the most points wins. Arms Race is a deathmatch-like mode where players are given a detailed weapon that they need to make two kills (one if enemy leader) with to be given a new weapon. The player who uses the golden knife, the last weapon the game mode will provide a player, in a kill, emerges victorious. Demolition is a game mode similar to a classic bomb scenario, except players cannot choose weapons and are instead given one from a predetermined set. In addition, both teams have to demolish a bomb, but unlike in a casual scenario, there is only one bomb site.
  • Buy A CSGO Ranked AccountAside from the new game modes, other notable new elements would be the leveling up system of the CSGO Account. From rank 1, your Account can raise the ladder and earn a CSGO high Tier Account  rank. In addition, you can earn new items – skins, chests, and coins, to name a few – as a reward for both leveling up and exemplary in-game skills. And because of the inclusion of these features, a CS:GO market for trading in-game items has emerged, as there is no in-game currency. This means the need to buy CSGO accounts has become common practice, as players are looking for things that can elevate their CS:GO experience.
  • However, the problem is that the world of online player-to-player trading is a significant and dangerous place with swindlers lurking in forums and e-commerce sites. Many players would like to buy a Counter-Strike account, and only they might shell out their hard-earned money for nothing. Thankfully, there are legit sites where you can be sure that you are in good hands. One of them would be Myownrank.

What is The Best Place to Buy CSGO Accounts?

Good to see that you are searching for the best places to buy CSGO ranked accounts because you have come to a suitable place. When you decide to buy the account from Steam instantly or through a third-party seller, you should have some priorities set straight..

It needs to be cheap and.

Isn’t this the first thing you notice before you make any purchase? When you choose to buy a CS:GO account, you will have to think about the price you are spending. If it is to a third party, then you need to be very cautious whether it is from a trustable website or not. Be it smurf accounts or otherwise, the prices need to be economical and fit your budget. It would be best to get ranked instantly when you buy from that website. Because once your transaction is done, you should have your smurf account immediately. If the delivery is quick, then they are fair and reliable. Firstly, our live support is always available to help you with the csgo and other facts, So that there is no confusion. Secondly, we feed Instant delivery on all of our derivatives. As a result, MyOwnrank delivers you with accounts instantly on your email. We are the ultimate csgo Smurf accounts Seller. Therefore, we provide 100% legit products at affordable rates with instant delivery and top-notch after-sales support. Myownrank is the most affordable csgo Ranked account provider. Accordingly, our main aim is to supply the best feasible csgo accounts at cheap rates so that you can buy a csgo smurf account at a pocket-friendly price.

What is The Process of The Whole Account Purchase from MyownRank?

Yes, You can buy a CSGO Smurf accounts in the game so that you can use it to play with the lower-ranking parties. This is to have an advantage over the other players, called a smurf. You can purchase an account so that you can practice how to frighten the recently prime account players or the noobs who aren’t plenty with the game. Meanwhile, you can buy a fair Prime account from us at Myownrank If you are searching for a CSGO account, then there are many websites selling them. However, be aware of their authenticity. The primary goal of this game is to stay alive and achieve the level of the game .we also offer valorant accounts for sale. Just add the product to the cart, go to checkout, fill in the necessary details, and pay. For a better gaming experience try upgrading Pc hardware & peripherals.

Where to Buy your CSGO Accounts?

Here at Myownrank, we assure you that you can buy CSGO accounts most safely and efficiently. This is because we provide buyers with trusted accounts worldwide. Moreover, if you are a CSGO Steam Account Buyer, then you’ve come to the right place. Our specific and free registration process is simple for buyers, and posting your for-sale offers is completely free. In addition, we provide complete payment security to our buyers. If you think that our promises are too good to be right, feel free to check out our prominence, ask any of our 2 million members, or contact our live customer support. And if you are playing other games other than CS:GO and are also looking for a player-to-player trading site, do stick with us.

Trading on other sites often runs the risk of encountering scam sites, and we cater to a wide plethora of popular games so that we could be your best bet. So, whether you’re looking for a CS:GO Account or another game and you need your fix of items and skins, then you’re in the right place here at Myownrank.

Frequently Asked Questions About CSGO

Smurfing is 100% legal in CSGO, therefore you may do it. The players in this game differ in rank. Some may be skilled at it, while others may not. Keeping a separate account is completely harmless. 

As soon as you buy a Steam account from us.  A steam id and password will be provided. Your registered mail address will receive these account details. And if problems do arise, don't worry—just get in touch with us.

The purchase of CSGO accounts from us is completely secure. After you place an order, it is received by the backend staff. PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and are just a few of the secure payment gateway options we offer. As we don't have access to your account, your login information is safe with you. You won't experience any problems with your order once your money has been confirmed. Don't be concerned if you didn't obtain your account right away. Simply reach out to our Support team.

Your Steam account is restricted, thus you are unable to add friends. You must deposit money into your Steam account in order to lift the restriction. Adding money to your Steam wallet is one way to enable the market for it. To use this service, a deposit of at least $5 must be made. In addition, you can pay with a debit or credit card or redeem a steam wallet code.

There are three trust factors—green, yellow, and red—as you are probably aware. Green represents the trust element, which is the best; yellow is next; and red is the worst. Unless there are more than two participants in the lobby, you are unable to view your personal trust factor. Only if your trust factor is yellow or red will it be shown to the people in your lobby. You will get a CSGO account with a yellow or green trust factor when you buy the accounts.

Clearly, sure. CSGO has 18 ranks, ranging from global elite to silver 1. Thus, you can buy 18 distinct kinds of CSGO accounts. Also, you can purchase accounts that come with veteran coins or service medals. Feel free to connect with our customer service if you need assistance while buying your CSGO account. They'll support you with it.