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Buy A CSGO Accounts

Are you planning a weekend Counter-Strike: Global Offensive marathon? Exclusive things with a CSGO Prime Account?

It’s an excellent enhancement to your game and prices slightly anything.

With everything – from top-notch graphics to super-interesting set up – the game is all a seasoned gamer could ask for. But to increase to more significant heights within the game and take full benefit of all its characteristics, you will need to get a CSGO Prime Account. But what precisely is a CSGO prime account all about? And what bonuses will it count to your game?

Retain reading to find all that out and learn how to connect yourself to a ranked CSGO Prime Account.

Are  CSGO Accounts Legit on MYOWNRANK?

Firstly, CSGO Prime accounts upgrades available for players who have bought the game and have achieved level 21 or above. The particular ranked account opens up access to member-only perks and weapons.

CSGO prime accounts are generally more costly than non-prime accounts, but they are worth it. You get a permit to prime-only matchmaking that allows you to get rid of hackers and cheaters. Since nobody wants to spend a big amount and hazard getting banned after, hackers avoid buying a CSGO prime account.

Who Can Get a CSGO Account?

Secondly, If you’ve just started playing the game and haven’t glossed your skills yet, buying a prime account isn’t a good idea. Moreover, unless you’ve increased to ranks above 21, you won’t even be qualified for it inherently.

But the main cause we recommend for buying a prime account is this: the prime matchmaking will pair you up with highly experienced players, and you might keep losing in CSGO. If this occurs, not only will you never be professional at the game, but you will also keep dropping in ranks.

There’s another idea and piece of information to the CSGO Prime Account that you should know. The CSGO was a paid game on Steam until 2018 Nov. When the game went free to play, the makers determined to give some perks to the game buyers, and a prime account was one of them.

You will automatically get your prime account badge if you bought CSGO from Steam before it went free. Just log in with the connected mobile number, and you can catch your badge.

The main specialty is If you are fresher to the game and got the free-to-play version of CSGO from Steam, you will have to purchase a prime account, and to get one from MYOWNRANK is the quickest, most effective option.

Why Buy a CSGO Prime Account?

Thirdly, You have comprehended everything about a CSGO Prime account basics. But why just do you even require a Prime Account? Are the additional bonuses worth it?

For one, it opens a whole world of opportunities for the players with new and exciting benefits at their disposal.

CSGO Quality Matchmaking

As you start playing CSGO, obtaining a suitable match is always trouble. Irrespective of the tier, you will find some unskillful and highly experienced players in the same match, which often produces confusion and makes the game boring or problematic.

But once you are above rank 21, you are capable enough to handle some expert competitors. Also, if you think you can take the big boys down, go for the prime account.

The CSGO Prime account will correspond with the players keen to play the game and are good at it. Playing in the premium levels can rapidly help you get more satisfactory at the game and make you adept at winning against fierce competition.

In Prime Matchmaking No Hackers Will bother You

Moreover, A continuous issue CSGO players face is that of hackers. Such hackers seize your account to steal your triumphs. But with Prime, this risk gets diminished.

The group can ban cheating accounts. And since premium accounts are expended, the hackers will face a substantial loss if prohibited. So they usually remain away from CSGO prime accounts.

This way, a CSGO Prime account gives you a better experience by holding you secure.

CSGO Prime Gaming & Accessing The Server

The CSGO has multiple servers worldwide where you can play and enjoy. A noteworthy issue with these servers is that you don’t get an empty one most of the time.

This can render the game lag or not start at all. For any CSGO player, bringing an accessible server is a big headache.

With a prime account, you get rid of this issue immediately. You gain credentials to all the servers and can start the game on any server of your choice. You can go for the VAC server if you find them all full. The CSGO team created this one as a customized server. Only prime members can access this server, and the chances of it being full are tiniest.

Prime Account’s in-game  Items

Therefore, The In-game items are the main interest for any combat-intensive game like CSGO, and every player wants to access these to make the game better for them.

With a prime account in CSGO, you open a box full of in-game items that can change how you play the game. This contains weapons, armors, souvenirs, and many other goods in this CSGO Account

With all this extra access to the in-game items, players can upskill their gameplay fast. These items help you impose more harm and defend yourself well in the game. You’ll also keep a competitive advantage over others competing for the same items within the game.


Get Your Desired CSGO Accounts

In CSGO, you always want to set your weapons to the best scopes open. But, the game doesn’t permit you to do so. All your goals of destroying the enemies with deadly weapons are sent to the sidelines if you can’t configure your weapons and armor. But by utilizing a CSGO prime account, you have this extravagance under your sash.

The prime account allows you to configure your weapons and armor nevertheless you want. This makes your weapons more powerful than ever, and you can conquer your opponents with maximum ease.

Configuring your weapons might not seem like a great deal, but it can change the results of your matches by an extraordinary margin. You can try and test the extra gear that improves the power of your gun. Similarly, you’ll have access to the best defending armor too. Once you find the right mixture, winning in CSGO won’t be outlying.

Reduce The Matchmaking grind

Therefore, We have already told you that you can get the prime for free by reaching level 21 in the online clash. But this is no longer available anymore. If you do not purchase the account from the game store, your XP will not increase anymore. So this is the best option to purchase a ranked account from our store. But, everybody knows that how tough it is to upgrade in CSGO, especially after the first few levels.

You have to win a lot of fights to rank your account. And with master CSGO players overpowering the space, this isn’t easy at all.

To decrease the grind and get the prime account before, you must consider buying one from MYOWNRANK. You will have several CSGO Prime account ranks, medals, and types here. So without wasting too much time earning a rank above 21, buy a prime account and focus on cutting worthy rivals down.

Simply, One thing’s for sure the CSGO Prime accounts come with odd benefits. So it’s time you start readying to buy one.

How to get a CSGO Prime Account?

We won’t let you work hard just for that Prime account. Just visit to get a CSGO Prime account within minutes without searing a hole in your purse.

Here are some methods CSGO Myownrank helps you get the best Prime accounts.

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  • Buying a CSGO Prime Account from our marketplace is also fully secure. We have a secure website and authorized payment methods available.
  • Our delivery swiftness is something you’ll remember evermore. Instead of creating you wait for days or months, we provide most of our CSGO Prime accounts within 10 minutes of buying.
  • Our team is nothing if not careful to your needs to guarantee zero trouble and a slick gaming experience. Our expert agents are ready to help you 24/7.
  • You can choose from a range of CSGO Prime Accounts on our website. CSGO Accounts contain Gold Nova, Silver, Silver Elite, Medalled, Private ranked, and many other types. You’ll spend the cheapest price.
  • We also present CSGO Prime accounts with a loyalty badge.

 Finally, Purchase your desired CSGO Prime Account from CSGO MYOWNRANK today and avail the advantages of the trusted Prime Matchmaking.

Shop and Become a Prime CSGO Player

In the end, Now you understand what a CSGO Prime Account is, what it fetches you, and where to get it for the best price. So what are you delaying? Browse MYOWNRANK today, browse all the prime accounts obtainable, and buy the one you want.

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How To Buy Cs:Go Accounts?

Myownrank.Com Is The Main Site For Game Account Deals. With The Experience Acquired By Intervening A Large Number Of Record Deals On Steam, We Intend To Serve Our Clients With The Most Creative Innovations In Account Deals In Cs:Go (Counter Strike Global Offensive). In Myownrank.Com, You Can Channel The Highlights Of The Cs:Go Account You Will Purchase Not At All Like The Others And You Can Purchase The Cs:Go Account That Suits You Best. Notwithstanding This, You Can Check Whether The Record Is A Prime Cs:Go Account Or Purchased Cs:Go With Cash. Along These Lines, You Will Have Data About Whether The Record You Need To Purchase Is Significant.

Cs:Go Accounts For Sale

On The Off Chance That You Need To Purchase A Cs:Go Account, Every One Of The Devices You Need Is Painstakingly Offered To You By Myownrank.Com. In The Event That You Need To Have A Decent Beginning To Cs:Go's Serious Matches And In The Event That You Can't Discover The Cs:Go Account That Coordinates With The Capabilities You Are Searching For, You Can Pick The One That Suits You Best From Many Cs:Go Represents Deal On Myownrank.Com. To Buy A Cs:Go Account, You Should Simply Enroll At Myownrank.Com And Snap The Buy Now Button On The Posting Page.

Prime Cs:Go Accounts

Beforehand, Cs:Go Was Not A Free Game, Which Implies It Must Be Bought With Cash. Nonetheless, Valve Made Cs:Go Free On Steam On December 6, 2018, And Gave Previous Players A Loyalty Badge. Records With This Loyalty Badge Are Viewed As Important Records In The Cs:Go People Group. Likewise, If The Cs:Go Account That Has A Loyalty Badge, Bought And Played Cs:Go 5 Years Prior From The Date It Got The Loyalty Badge, At That Point The Record Is Known As A Prime Cs:Go Account. In Outline, If A Record Is A Prime Cs:Go Account, The Estimation Of The Record Is Very High. Because Of This Component, You Can Play Better Quality Matches And You Don't Be Coordinated With Players Who Are Probably Going To Swindle.

How To Be A Prime Account In Cs:Go?

With The Point-by-point Clarification Referenced Above, We Can List How A Record Can Turn Into A Prime Account As Follows.

Having Bought And Played Cs:Go Before December 6, 2013. Expanding Your Cs:Go Profile Level To 21.

Buying 'cs:Go Prime Status Upgrade' From The Steam Store. Adding Cs:Go As Cd Key To Your Steam Account. Getting Cs:Go As A Blessing By A Companion. Accepting 'cs:Go Prime Status Upgrade' By A Companion.

The Global Elite Cs:Go Accounts

There Is An Alliance Way In Cs: Go As In Any Remaining Games. This Class Arrangement Of Cs:Go Is Called Matchmaking. In This Association Way, Each Group Is Called Rank. Also, Global Elite Is The Most Elevated Serious Position In The Cs: Go's Matchmaking Framework, Alongside The Supreme Master First Class Rank. Games At These Ability Levels Are Played In A Serious And Excellent In Light Of The Fact That There Are Gifted Parts In Each Game. By Utilizing Myownrank.Com's Sifting Framework, You Can Purchase The Best Global Cs:Go Represent You And Begin Playing Quality Games. You Can Likewise Channel Any Remaining Positions Explicitly. Myownrank.Com Is The Best Marketplace To Purchase A Global Elite Cs:Go Account!

What Is Csgo?

Counter-strike Is The Most Popular Title In Fps Gaming Since The '90S With Popular Releases Such As Cs1.6 And Cs Source Counter-strike Came Up With The Legendary Cs: Go Or Counter-strike Global Offensive On 21 August 2012. The Game Is Featured On The Source Engine And Can Be Played With Steam. It Has An Advanced Anti-cheat System Called Vac With No Mercy To Unethical Players. The Csgo Community Had Millions Of Active Contributors And Is Spread Over 100+ Countries. With Over-watch And Prime Matchmaking Competitive Lobbies, The Experience Of The Game Is Improving Daily. New Map And Skins Make The Perfect Gaming Experience For Players And With Cs: Go Ranks Matching System It's More Practical To Get The Match As The Player With The Same Rank Groups Whether They Are Silvers Or Global Elites Get The Match With Similar Skills And Ranks In Csgo. The Game Is Evolving Rapidly And Is Offered Free Of Cost By Steam Inviting More Players To Enjoy It

The Csgo (Counter Strike Global Offensive ) Game Pits Two Teams Against Each Other: Terrorists And Counter-terrorists. The Teams Are Tasked With Objectives While Having Separate Objectives. The Terrorists Must Either Plant The Bomb Or Defend The Hostages, While The Counter-terrorists Must Either Stop The Bomb From Being Planted, Defuse The Bomb, Or Rescue The Hostages. There Are Nine Game Modes: Competitive, Casual, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition, Wingman, Flying Scotsman, Danger Zone, And Weapons Course With Different Characteristics.

The Game Is Played In Ranked And Unranked Accounts. In A Ranked Account, The Players With Some Experience In The Gameplay, And Are Given Ranks Based On Their Performance. In An Unranked Account, The Player Does Not Have Any Rank And Just Plays For Fun. To Play The Game You Must Buy Csgo Prime Accounts Or Buy Csgo Accounts That Are Available On Different Websites At Different Rates. But The Cheap And Best You Can Get Is From Myownrank And Can Save A Lot Of Money.

What Are Csgo Accounts

Csgo Accounts Are The Accounts That Provide Users Multiple Privileges Like Matching With Low-ranked Accounts And Match With Only Prime Account Holders. There Are Many Types Of Csgo Account Which User Can Buy From Myownrank Some Of Them Are :

Csgo Prime Accounts
Csgo Smurf Accounts

What Are Csgo Prime Accounts?

Csgo Prime Accounts Are The Special Type Of Accounts That Are Specially Designed For Prime Matchmaking. The Minimum Pr21 Is Required To Be Eligible For Prime Matchmaking. The Customer Needs To Verify The Phone Number To Unlock The Prime Feature. Cs: Go Prime Matchmaking Results In Less Chance Of Getting A Match With The Cheaters. Csgo Prime Account Is 100% Clean And Boosted Safely For Unmatched Gaming Performance. My Smurf Store Provides 150+ Option Of Prime For All Price Range To Choose.

Benefits Of Having A Csgo Prime Account:

High-level Ranking
Match With Only Prime Players
Exclusive Inventory
Access To All Community Operated Servers

What Are Csgo Smurfs Accounts?

Csgo Smurf Accounts Is The Concept Of Matchmaking In Which A higher-ranked Player Makes Another Account To Play With The Lower-ranked Player. It Is A Multiplayer Game, And The Player Buys Csgo Smurfs Account Just To Take Advantage Of The Lower-ranked Player.

Csgo Smurf Account Allows A Higher-ranking User To Match With Lower-ranked Users. Mostly Csgo Smurf Account Is Used To Attack On Low Level Ranked User With Ease This Helps To Check High Ranking User Their Skills And Give Them The Confidence To Boost Their Game Performance.
Benefits Of Csgo Smurfs Account
Match With Lower-ranked User
Cheap Price

Check Your Gaming Performance With Lower Ranks

Where To Buy Csgo Prime Accounts Or Buy Csgo Smurf Accounts?

Although You Will Find Many Websites Where You Can Buy Csgo Prime Accounts Or Buy Csgo Smurfs Accounts, They Are Either Awfully Expensive Or Do Not Have The Best Quality. If You Want A Good Bargain With The Best Quality Account, You Can Always Trust Myownrank.Com
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How To Buy Cheap Csgo Prime & Smurf Accounts From Myownrank?

The First Step Is To Go To The Page With Csgo Accounts For Sale. Then,

Select Your Desired Csgo Prime Or Smurf Accounts From The Website On Sale And Put It In The Cart.
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Log In And Add Your Billing Address Keeping In Mind That No Actual Delivery Is Required For The Purchase.
Click To Proceed And Choose A Payment Method From Different Options Of Payment Available.
Once The Payment Is Done, Check Your Email Id For Order Confirmation And Your License Key.

Why Choose Myownrank To Buy Csgo Accounts

Myownrank.Com Was Established In 2015 As A Mysurf.Com And Had Served Over 50,000+ Customers So Far, With 99% Positive Reviews.

It Has Epicnpc Trusted Badge With Positive Feedbacks And Maintained Good Customer Relationships Since Its Launch And Is Legit. It Has Been Reviewed Over Different Platforms Including Facebook, Epicnpc, Trustpilot, And Kudobuzz Apart From The Reviews On Its Page.

The Site Contains More Than 150 Options To Choose From And 24/7 Customer Support. You Can Purchase For Every Rank In The Game For A Very Cheap Rate And Need Not Worry About The Safety Factor And Is Easy To Use As Well.

The Benefits That A Customer Can Avail Of By Using Myownrank Are Given Below:

Cheap And Best Price
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Instant Delivery
100% Refund (If Faced Any Issue)
Festive Sale
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Legit Accounts
All Csgo Ranks Available At One Place

For More Queries On Csgo Game Please Read Below Q&A

How Csgo Ranking System Works?

As We All Know Once The Players Reach Pr2 And Gain Some Experience, They Can Start Participating In Competitive Matches With Other Players With Limit Cash And Resources And Can Enjoy The Real Gaming Experience. With Csgo Ranking System They Can Know Their Current Status And Skills And Can See Improvement With Gaining More Experience And Winning More Games. Although This System Is Great For Newcomers But Is A Pain For Experienced Players As For Pr2 Players They Get Cool-down After Every Two Wins Until They

Reach 10 Wins And Get Their 1St Rank Which Can Be Tough As You Might Lose Against Cheaters And Smurfs.

How To Get Csgo Rank Faster?

Buy Csgo Smurf Accounts Or Csgo Ranked Accounts Is The Simplest Way To Get Your Favorite Cs: Go Ranks Instantly And Allows You To Play With Your Friends With Different Rank Groups. Ranking In Csgo Is Made Simple By Myownrank.Com. With Our Instant Delivery Of Smurf And Prime Accounts And 24X7 Live Chat Support, We Empower Players Across The Globe And Give Them The Ability To Choose The Desired Rank While Playing In Match-making(Mm) Servers. Once You Got Your Login Details You Can Then Download The Counter-strike On Your Device And Can Instantly Play Online.

Why Do People Like Cs: Go?

Counter-strike: Global Offensive (Cs: Go) Is The First Video Game That Was Introduced As Part Of The Counter-strike Series. Initially, It Was A Simple Game That People Play As A Matter Of Passing Time. Later Due To Some Of The Features In It, The Game Became More Popular, And A Number Of People Started Playing It. It Features New Maps, Characters, And Weapons. As The Interest Among The People Is Increased, They Also Launched More Versions That Offered More Features Like The Dust, Nuke, Inferno, Train, And So On. Further, The Introduction Of Some Modes Like Arms Race, Wingman, And Flying Scotsman Made The Game Grab More Interest Among The Players. Also, 24/7 The Site Offered Something New And The Level Of Interest And Activeness That The Game Offered Has Not Reduced At Any Point In Time. Everything That Takes Place In The Game Was So Clear And People Will Be Able To Watch Them Clearly In The Watched Live Or Even Download And Watch Them With Any Number Of Replays. With Loads Of Fun And Thrill At All The Times Will Make The Time To Be Worth Spending Even If It Is For A Few Hours. Cs: Go Game Takes A Decent Position With Such Great Factors. All These Become A Significant Reason For People To Enjoy The Game.

How Many Csgo Accounts Are There?

Today, The Number Of Playing Video Games Is Growing. This Offers A Great Gaming Experience And Nice Graph Prospects Of Internal And The Through-out Mechanism. All These Increase The Number Of Active Players In The Game. The Number Of People Who Are Playing The Game Is Constantly Varying Year By Year. The Survey Taken On April 2016 Shows That 850,485 People Used The Account; In December 2015, The Number Was 823,694; In The Year August 2015 It Was 819,902; It Was 814,616 In The Year January 2017 And As Per November 2015, It Was 786,707. Only For One Single Game Mode, It Doesn'T Matter About How Many People Ply The Game, There Is Also Offline Training With Bots. It Is Also Possible To Go With The Specific Condition Using Certain Commands In The Game. The Person Who Loves The Atmosphere Of The Game But Doesn't Play The Game Is Also Keeping The Wallpaper On The Computer Screen To Enjoy That. Games Are Always A Stress Booster For A Number Of People And You Can Use The Game To Get Relieved From All Such Issues. Download The Game And Play Them Now To Enjoy Your Game.

Best Csgo Smurf Sites?

As The Interest Of The People Is Striking High For Playing The Games, Many Sites Are Getting Developed For Cs:Go Smurf. Among All Such Sites, One Of The Notable And Must Mention Sites Would Be My Own Rank. As The Modern Version Of The Cs: Go Ranked Accounts, The Site Contains More Than 500 Verified Feedbacks And Offered Service For More Than 60000 Customers. When You Log In To The Site, You Can Look At More Than 150 Options To Choose From. Also, As There Is Excellent Customer Service Available 24/7, You Can Contact Us For Any Queries As Well. Further, It Is Possible To Purchase For Every Rank Of The Game Like Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, Legendary Eagles, SMFC, And Global Elites. You Also Need Not Worry About The Safety Factor, It Is Easy To Use As Well. This Worked Completely On The Satisfaction Of The Previous Customers And They Have Also Made Required Changes As Per The Feedback Of The Previous Clients For The Best Presentation Of The Site. The Support Team Is The Next Notable Aspect As It Offers 24/7 Support Through Different Means. When You Are Purchasing In Them, You Are One Of The 60+K Customers Among 120+ Countries.