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As we all know once the players reach private rank 2 and gain some experience, they can start participating in competitive matches with other players with limit cash and resources and can enjoy the real gaming experience. With CSGO Ranking System they can know there current status and skills and can see improvement with gaining more experience and winning more games. Although this system is great for newcomers but is a pain for experienced players as for pr2 players they get Cool-down after every two wins until they reach 10 wins and get there 1st rank which can be tough as you might lost against cheaters and smurfs.

CSGO Smurf Accounts is the simplest way to get your favorite CS:GO Ranks instantly and allows you to play with your friends with different rank groups. Ranking in csgo made simple by With our instant delivery of csgo smurf and prime accounts and 24x7 live chat support, We empower the players across the globe and give them the ability to choose the desired rank while playing in match-making(mm) servers. Once you got your login details you can then download the counter-strike on your device and can instantly play online.


In CSGO, Prime accounts are the special type smurf accounts that are specially designed for prime matchmaking. The minimum private rank of 21 is required to be eligible for prime matchmaking. The customer needs to verify the phone number in order to unlock the prime feature. CSGO Prime matchmaking, That results in less chance of getting a match with the cheaters. Prime accounts are 100% clean and boosted safely for unmatched gaming performance. My Smurf Store provides 150+ option of prime for all price range to choose from

CSGO Loyalty Badge Prime

All accounts which were created by purchased cd-keys have loyalty badges in it. After csgo went free of cost, the stock we have earlier now have loyalty badge but due high demand and no way to create new stock we are going out of stock very soon with loyalty badge csgo prime

CS:GO - A Game; a Legend, a Tale of Undying Thrill

When you are standing grouped in between the worldwide family of gamers, point at any random gamer, and you'll find yourself pointing at a die-hard CSGO gamer. That's the kind of enormous fan-following Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has managed to earn in its 12 years of the journey.


What's there for a gamer in CSGO?

You seem to be wondering what's that CSGO offers to earn so much love among gamers. Well, let's see. A gameplay format that always keeps you on the edge of your comfy chair. A dozen types of CSGO Accounts like CSGO Prime Accounts, CSGO Smurf Accounts, etc. to give you exactly what you, and only you need to live your game. The never-ending choices between skins, guns, and weapons. A family of gamers always clutching on their controllers to fight for you and to die for you; to fight against you and to kill you; all just for the sake of their love of gaming. These are just a few of the features and qualities that had led CSGO in gaining the wildest fanbase across the world.


You get CSGO Prime Accounts - CSGO Smurf Accounts - CSGO Silver Accounts - and so on...

What makes CSGO standout are the categories of account a gamer can acquire to experience the level of the thrill he wants. CSGO has a variety of accounts, and all of them come with a different set of features, different kinds of allowance, and various experience boosting capabilities.

Why should you buy CSGO Prime Account?

If you are a hard-core gamer and willing to jump right into the intense war going in between the prime players of CSGO, then buying a CSGO Prime Account is your only option. If not, you'll spend your life playing CSGO with noobs and jumping from rank-1 to rank-2 and so on till you reach rank-21 and become eligible to play as a Prime-CSGO player. A CSGO Prime Account means a wildcard entry to the showdown. No cheaters, no hackers, no noobs, and no spoilers, just raw CSGO gaming experience facilitated with all the features and rewards a prime member is eligible for.


What's the fun in owning a CSGO Smurf Account?

CSGO Smurf Accounts are exactly the opposite of Prime Accounts. Suppose you are at the prime level of gameplay, but you want to test your skills, challenge low-level players, have fun in defeating inexperienced players who think you are one of them. Then you should buy CSGO Smurf Accounts. Smurfs in CSGO are those prime and pro players who buy a low-level account to play at the bottom level of CSGO and increase their ranks, earn badges, and have some kill-streak party.

There are more like CSGO Ranked Accounts, CSGO Silver Accounts, CSGO NonPrime Accounts -

You'll be done with your seven lifetimes before you'll ever get the taste of all types of CSGO Accounts. There are CSGO Ranked Accounts for players who want to play at a certain rank. A-Rank of their wish regardless of their experience and expertise. Then there is CSGO Silver Accounts for the gamers who wish to play the game while holding all the benefits and position of a Silver-eligible player. You can also get a CSGO Non-Prime Account to disguise as a total noob and come out as a winner at the end of every match. CSGO Accounts bring something for everyone. No matter if you are a new player, an experienced player, a prime account holder, or a smurf, you can achieve the thrill you have always dreamed of.


Why we at MyOwnRank love selling you CSGO Accounts?

The love for gaming is the greatest love at this age. And we at MyOwnRank are one of the greatest lovers of games and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Since the year 2015, we have been one of the most legit and best sellers of all types of CSGO Accounts. And before that, we too were the gamers, just like you.


Is there anything you'll not find here at MyOwnRank?

If you are seeking for the best CSGO experience, you'll find everything you need right here. From all the types of CSGO Accounts to all the bundles containing different sets of rewards, features, inventory, badges, etc. Everything that you'll ever need to feel the orgasmic thrill while playing CSGO is available right here at MyOwnRank.


How do we manage to get CSGO Prime and other ranked accounts for you?

Don't be suspicious. Gone are the days of hacking and cheating in CSGO. The Algorithm of CSGO has grown to advance lately to let any hacker or cheater survive in-game for longer than a few days. All the CSGO accounts you buy from MyOwnRank are legit and earned through the legal methods of gaming and earning ranks. A team of gamers and experts works with their minds and soul to keep the accounts ready whenever you need them.


How to buy a CSGO Account? Is MyOwnRank Safe?

There can't be any easier way to buy a CSGO account. All you need to do is to surf through MyOwnRank website and look in the different categories for the type of CSGO account you want to buy. After that, all you need to do is to put that account into your cart and complete the order.

You can securely pay by using various listed payment getaways on our website. The payment through MyOwnRank is extremely secure and safe.

What happens after I buy a CSGO account?

Once you buy a CSGO Account, you'll get all the details on your e-mail in a matter of moments. And once you have the account, what happens will depend on you and your expertise. You can either blow everyone's head out in the game, or get blown at the very first engagement.