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Counter-strike is the most popular title in fps gaming since the 90's with popular releases such as cs1.6 and cs source counter-strike came up with the legendary CS:GO or counter-strike global offensive on 21 August 2012. The game is featured on source engine and can be played with steam. It has an advanced anti-cheat system called vac with no mercy to unethical players. The CSGO community had over million of active contributors and is spread over 100+ countries. With Over-watch and prime matchmaking competitive lobbies the experience of the game is improving on a daily basis. New map and skins make the perfect gaming experience for players and with CS:GO ranks matching system it is more practical to get match as the player with same rank groups whether they are silvers or global elites get the match with the similar skills and ranks in CSGO. Game is evolving rapidly and is offered free of cost by steam inviting more players to enjoy it.



As we all know once the players reaches private rank 2 and gain some experience, they can start participating in competitive matches with other players with limit cash and resources and can enjoy real gaming experience. With CSGO Ranking System they can know there current status and skills and can see improvement with gaining more experience and winning more games. Although this system is great for new comers but is a pain for experienced players as for pr2 players they get Cool-down after every two wins until they reaches 10 wins and get there 1st rank which can be tough as you might lost against cheaters and smurfs.

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